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My medicine seems much cheaper online.  The website says that it can do this because the pills come from India.  Why can't my pharmacy offer that as well?

The chances are that the "Indian" medicine is not licensed for use in your country.  In Europe, medicines are strictly licensed and regulated, to protect you and your health.  You know how it is produced, stored and dispensed.  Stay safe!

I pay for my medicine and bulk-buying seems like a great deal!  Is it?

In Europe, it is illegal to offer bulk discounts on prescription medicines.  If your online "pharmacy" is breaking that law, the chances are it won't stop there.  Check our advice on how to stay safe online

I am afraid to go to the doctor because I don't think he would prescribe the medicine that I think I need.  Why shouldn't I just go online, it's so discreet?

Obviously we can't know what your medical condition is but you should be aware that many quite serious illnesses can go undiagnosed (and therefore untreated) if you self-medicate to treat just the symptoms.  For example, erectile problems are known to be an early indicator of cardiovascular disease and Diabetes.  Your doctor is the person best placed to advise and, together with you, decide on the best treatment for you.  The last thing you need to be is afraid.

There IS information and support, click here if you are female, or here if you are male.


Welcome to the new ASOP EU website


ASOP EU is a loose coalition of patient groups,  companies, organisations and individuals, united in the campaign to make the internet a safer place to obtain medicines (where it is legal to do so).

Within these pages, we hope that you will find everything that you need to help you stay safe online.  If you have any questions that aren't answered here, you can ask our experts using the link above.

Falsified Medicine is a scary subject.  It unites the otherwise polarised worlds of organised crime and healthcare.  However, it can also pose everyday challenges.  Why not click "Spotting a Fake" above, to find out just how good a detective you would make? 

From all of us at ASOP EU, we hope you enjoy navigating through the website.  

Stay safe online!


ASOP to stage pre-conference seminar at the Global Forum on Access to Safe Medicines – London April 2nd 2014 - A Winning Multi-Sectorial Response to Falsified Medicines Online

23 Feb 2014

2014 will see further global concrete co-operative actions to improve patient safety by combating the illegal sale or supply of medicines on line. In this practical workshop, learn how the Alliance for Safe Online Pharmacies and the Alliance for Safe Online Pharmacy in the EU have brought together over 50 stakeholder organisations to work together to combat the problem.


ASOP EU briefs European Commission

18 Feb 2014

A meeting took place with the Head of Cabinet, Mrs Joanna Darmanin of the Health and Consumer Protection Directorate General (DG SANCO) in Brussels on February 11th. Also present from DG SANCO were Dr Rossella Delfino, Cabinet Member and Ms Maja Grzymkowski from the Health Systems and Products Division. The purpose of the meeting was to enable the ASOP EU delegation to brief the Commission on the very good progress that ASOP EU was achieving. And in particular to discuss the Memorandum of Understanding that is being progressed to enable many internet stakeholders to improve patient safety online through voluntary, collaborative actions.

New public-facing awareness raising video on counterfeit medicines

29 Jul 2013

The International Federation of Pharmaceutical Manufacturers have just released a new educational video. Entitled "Watch out for false friends", this video stars a genuine pill who explains the danger of fake medicines and their impact on our societies. This highlights the fact that patients, nurses, doctors, pharmacists, carers, regulators, and policy makers need to be on the lookout, and everybody needs to better understand the danger of fake medicines and how to stay safe. There are two versions available a long version of 3 minutes 30 secs (click here) and a shorter version of 1 minute 40 seconds (click here).

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